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Digital Agency of the Year creates turkey of the year.

First off, hearty congratulations to LBi for being crowned Marketing Magazine’s Digital Agency of the Year 2012. It’s a great achievement.
Be under no illusion, this is a tough award to win – there’s serious competition out there.  It requires agencies to have performed outstandingly in terms of creative output and new business wins.

So after all the celebratory bubbly had been quaffed, and the dinner jackets had been sent off to the dry cleaners, what did LBi do to celebrate their triumph?
As a digital agency, you’d expect these guys to showcase their core skills. The stuff clients flock to them for.
So, maybe a clever, fun App. Or even an adshell or 48-sheet poster incorporating the latest digital techno wizardry.

Not a bit of it.
They made a film.
A 90-second number called ‘Cool Unicorn Bruv’.

I have to admit, the first time I watched this I had one of those genuine “Have I missed something?” moments…
So I watched it again. And again.

Nope, I hadn’t missed a thing. The reason being, there was nothing there to miss.
What you saw was what you got.
Three blokes talking in a rather embarrassing faux-Jamaican street patois.
Oh, and there’s a bike in it. And a horse that’s meant to be a Unicorn.

Now I like a good laugh. A giggle. Even a gentle titter makes for a better day.
But this film delivered none of these. It was neither funny nor visually clever enough to have any merit.

So what is it all about? Who is it meant to appeal to?
Clients? Prospective clients? Ex clients?
More importantly, what is it meant to achieve?

Creativity is at the heart of what agencies do. But for a good reason – creativity sells. However, I’d be hard pushed to believe that this little exercise in creativity is going to add to the agency’s bottom line.

Winning this prestigious award gave LBi the opportunity to shout from the rooftops, instead they settled for a creative whimper from the backstreets of East London.

But maybe I’m being a bit harsh.
After all, as an agency LBi are far from alone in producing a self-promotional film that’s raised more than a few questions about the rigour of their internal approval process.

This beauty from Ogilvy Athens was created to celebrate 60 years of Ogilvy advertising. It’s actually so bad, the first time I saw it I thought it was a spoof. Not one bit off it. The sheer sincerity and enthusiasm of the staff quickly dispels that idea.

And then there’s the lyrics…
“You had always a deep, strong belief, when you said test your work be probative…”

They don’t come much catchier than that.

But even more toe-curling is this number from Publicis London.
This epic is a full five-minutes long. That’s almost as long as Bohemian Rhapsody – there the similarity ends.

And to finish with. There is what might be termed the Granddaddy of them all.
The Sapient Nitro ‘Idea Engineers’ Rap.

This corporate miscalculation was launched on the agency’s Facebook page. Within hours the negative comments were so numerous and scathing they decided to remove them all. Oops. (Let’s hope they don’t advise clients on Social Media.)

They may not be any good at Rap.
But they certainly know how to trend on Twitter.

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