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Solid strategic thinking = strikingly simple creative.

I’ve always been a firm believer that if the strategic thinking’s right, great creative will follow on naturally.  Unfortunately too many clients (and agencies) rush the first part, in order to get to the second part. And it shows in the work.

However that’s most definitely not the case with the following two brands.  Both are great examples of creative work that is on the surface ‘simple’, yet speaks powerfully to consumers.  What both have in common is that the planners & strategists have done solid thinking upfront, so the task facing the creatives is made that much easier.

First up is The East London Steak Company.

Their proposition is simple: provenance, quality and speed of delivery.
These guys first caught my attention a few months ago when I ordered some steaks from them. They promise to deliver within the M25 within 24 hours. True to their word there was a box outside my door at 6am the next morning.

The East London Steak Company Box

A simple logo, with a straightforward strapline: ‘From Block, to Box, to Grill’.  A brand that delivers on its promise – how refreshing.

The meat was wrapped in the sort of brown paper that your granny’s butcher used to use. It tells you the breed, the farm it came from, when it was slaughtered and even the name of the guy who prepared your cut.

Steak Packaging with Provenance Label

I’d also ordered some steak sauce, which came in a wonderfully old-fashioned bottle with a no-nonsense label.

Classic Steak Sauce

Their website is a great example of delivering the customer proposition in as quick a fashion as possible. If all you want to do is order some meat, then log out and get on with your life, you can. On the other hand, if you want to explore the site, you can enjoy well-written copy that fits with the visual style.

The East London Steak Company Website

My favourite page was the cut-chart (not often you’ll read that). It takes wit and confidence to combine part of the brand promise (delivered within the M25 in under 24 hours) with an infographic. I reckon it would make a great giveaway fridge magnet…

Cut Chart

Well done to the guys at teampie for an excellent piece of creative work. Your labours have enriched the life of every carnivorous Londoner.

Next up is a New York food store – Brooklyn Fare.

This local store puts most chains to shame. With a tiny budget they’ve created a stand-out brand that is fresh, distinctive and customer focussed.

I love their mission statement: “…to proudly serve the Brooklyn community…”.
They obviously know their customers, and know what they want.  As well, I dare say, as knowing what they don’t want.  New Yorker’s are renowned for their straight talking. Which is why these posters work so well.

Brooklyn Fare Posters

Their take-away bags and cups continue in the same vein.

Brooklyn Fare Paper Bags

Brooklyn Fare Coffee Cups

And by adding a single line of witty copy to their drinks menu board, they show-up Starbucks, Nero and Costa for being the charmless corporates they really are.

Brooklyn Fare Menu Boards

But I’ll finish with my favourite. The humble staff T-shirt. Probably a tenner a pop, at most. And it gets right to the nub of what the brand’s all about – customer service.

Brooklyn Fare T-Shirt

Brooklyn Fare’s branding is the work of New York agency Mucca. Please, please, please keep up the good work.

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