How did I end up here?

So how did I end up writing this blog?



Timberland Ad, Leagas Delaney, Advertising Archive.

Not any old moccasins, but the type designed and created by North American Plains Indians. Because if it hadn’t been for them, Timberland would never have created their now eponymous deck shoe. And the advertising agency Leagas Delaney would never have been appointed to launch Timberland in the UK. And a certain very talented copywriter called Tim Delaney would never have written the ad that convinced me that advertising copywriting was the career for me.  Still with me?

Even now I remember the first time I saw this ad. It was a full-page, long-copy black and white execution in the Independent. That was in 1990 (back in the days when the Independent was independent).

Apart from the intrigue the headline created in my mind, it was the mix of hubris, and the utter indifference to political correctness that drew me in.

I was hooked. I read the copy from start to finish. Twice.

I ripped out the ad and kept it for years, until one day I lost it moving flat.

Jump forward twenty years to 2010.

I’ve just launched my own experiential agency – Marmaduke Grimwig. My office is in Covent Garden. Endell Street to be precise. But not just anywhere in Endell Street. Number twenty two.

Which just happens to be Leagas Delaney’s old office.

Now isn’t life strange?


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